Minutes of the 57th Annual General Meeting of the Dorchester – Bayeux Society

held on Thursday 13th March 2014

at the DYA, Lubbecke Way, Dorchester


Present :    Maureen Berry [President], Anthony Thorpe [Chairman], Nick Lugg [Hon. Treasurer], Marion Perriss [Hon. Secretary], together with another 37 members of the Society

Apologies for Absence:

Apologies were received from Elizabeth Barton, Brian & Doreen Bates, Gloria & Roy Blanchflower, Robin Bunce, Francis & Mary Copeman, Maureen Cottrell, Kate Hawkins, Betty Smallwood, and Hilary Watkins.

1. President's Address

Maureen welcomed everyone. She said that it was always a treat coming to the Annual General Meeting. It had been a very good year, and we look forward to receiving our visitors from Bayeux in September.

2. Minutes of the 56th Annual General Meeting

The minutes had been circulated and read by members. After one minor amendment they were accepted as accurate, and signed by the Chairman. There were no matters arising.

3. Honorary Secretary’s Report

Marion reported that it had been an active and enjoyable year. The Christmas Party and Annual Dinner had been very well attended. A very good Summer BBQ at the home of Chairman, Anthony and his wife, Rosalind, took place in glorious sunshine.

Evening talks in the winter had also been well attended. The last meeting of the year had a new format, with a quiz and presentation of photographs capturing past moments of the Society over its 50 year history. This proved very interesting and enjoyable. Raffles at all social events are well supported and provide a good source of income.

The visit to Bayeux in September had been highly successful. As always our hosts provided a most interesting and pleasant weekend, including a visit to St-Vaast-la- Hougue and the Isle of Tatihou.

Nick Lugg represented the Society at the International Twinning Conference in Cherbourg.

A Special General Meeting was held in October to address 2 motions from members. One, to reduce the size of the Committee, was carried. The other, to change the Society’s name, was not. [see SGM minutes]

Anthony and other Committee members had distributed Society leaflets in various sites in Dorchester to attract new members. Anthony had worked hard to build sporting and cultural links between Dorchester and Bayeux [see Chairman’s address].

Sadly several members had passed away during the year, including some who had been members for a very long time. However, 12 new members had joined and the Society now has 124 active members.

4. Honorary Treasurer’s Report

Nick presented the Accounts for the Year ending 31st December 2013. He stated that the financial position was about the same as in 2011.

He explained that the Society works on a 2-year cycle, to encompass the French & English visits. He was satisfied with the present surplus, which allowed expenditure for the visit of the `French’ in the coming September, including the official dinner

5. Appointment of Accounts Examiner for 2014

Nick agreed to ask this year’s examiner, Dr. Susan Adams, to act as examiner for next year.

6. Report of the Petanque Group

Roy Lowings said that since 2010, when the Society had withdrawn from the Dorset League, there had been lots of problems with illness and injury, resulting in great difficulty in raising numbers to make an informal group. The problem had been even greater through the last season. Although there had been some play, the difficulties had been compounded by the appalling winter weather. The terrain is now in good condition, and Roy is hoping that more players will join in the sport.

7. Report of the French Conversation Group

Pauline Lowings reminded everyone that the Group had been started by Olive Poulter very many years ago. She said that, under the supervision of Jack de Carteret, he and five other leaders had taken it in turn to guide lessons. This has appeared to work well, ensuring variety. There is a wide range of abilities, but everyone converses during each lesson, and, most importantly, everyone enjoys it.

8. Election of Management Committee for 2014 - 2015

Position                 Person proposed                  Nominated by                  Seconded by

Chairman                    Anthony Thorpe                           Marion Perriss                        Dick Palframan

Vice Chairman           Steve Clease                                 Anthony Thorpe                      Marion Perriss

Treasurer                    Nick Lugg                                     Roy Lowings                           Eric Farthing

Secretary                    Marion Perriss                              Pauline Lowings                     Phyllis Farthing

Committee                  Meg Cannon                                 Marion Perriss                         Bob Hampson

Committee                  Wendy Clease                               C. Gabbarelli                           Brian Bates

Committee                   C. Gabbarelli                                Steve Clease                           Sue Hampson

Committee                  Rosalind Thorpe                           Nick Lugg                                Marie Grosvenor

Committee                  Hilary Watkins                               Marion Perriss                        Rosalind Thorpe

All Officers and Committee members were appointed en bloc by a unanimous vote.

Vivienne Allen, who represents Dorchester Town Council on the Committee, thanked the Committee for their work over the past year. She said that the Society was very fortunate to have such a hard working Committee.

9.Summer visit to the American Museum at Bath

Marie–Chantal Lugg gave details of the summer outing, which was being arranged for Saturday 31st May.

10.   Chairman’s address

Anthony thanked each member of the Committee for their work in their particular roles. He stressed that the running of the Society is a joint effort, and that Committee meetings have been enjoyable. He pointed out that there had been a 95% attendance at Committee meetings.

He thanked:

  • Dorchester Town Council member on the Committee, Vivienne Allen, for helping the society to link smoothly with the Council;

  • Brian Bates who is not on the Committee, but who keeps the website in good order, with Steve’s assistance;

  • our President, Maureen Berry and Vice President, Roy Lowings for their wise comments and suggestions born of long experience, and for their support of Committee decisions;

  • all those who had been on the trip to Bayeux and who had sent comments on the trip. These will be noted by the Committee.

    Anthony then gave a resumé of his actions during the year:

  • He had visited Bayeux 4 times during 2013;

  • He had communicated with Dominique André regularly. He had attended Civic Receptions and other Dorchester Town Council meetings, and he had ensured that the Local press gave good coverage to the Society visit to Bayeux;

  • He had worked with local Basketball, Rugby and Football teams to encourage their links with clubs in Bayeux. The Dorchester Basketball Youth team will be participating in an International Tournament in Bayeux, on in June 2014.

  • He has also made an initial approach towards promoting professional links between Dorchester and Bayeux, backed by the Town Council.

    The meeting closed at 8.20 pm

    This was followed by:

    “Appreciation of Wine “, presented by Jack de Carteret, Master of Wine


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