Minutes of the Meeting of the Dorchester – Bayeux Society Management Committee on Thursday 2nd October 2014

at 8 Garfield Avenue, Dorchester

Present: Maureen Berry (President),Roy Lowings (Vice–President), Anthony Thorpe (Chairman), Steve Clease (Vice Chairman), Meg Cannon, Wendy Clease, Christine Gabbarelli, Rosalind Thorpe, Hilary Watkins.

1. Apologies Vivienne Allan, Nick Lugg and Marion Perriss.

2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

All action points had been carried out.

The minutes were agreed and signed.

3. Chairman’s report.

The Chairman thanked everyone in the team for their efforts with respect to the French visit. The Chairman also reported that there was a considerable amount of organising to be carried out with respect to the Ceilidh. Christine pointed out we needed a team of people to assist. The size of the venue was perfect for the event, although Rosalind commented on the considerable amount of regulations she had to contend with.

The guides for the Monday did a fantastic job.

It was noted that Roger Lanes activities had good feedback, particularly the evening meal, which could give us something to build on in future.

 4. Treasurer’s report

The Committee received a report from the treasurer on the current financial situation.

5. Secretary’s report

Marion asked Anthony to report that we have a team of six for the Dorset Twinning Association’s Quiz Night.

 6. Review of the Visit of our French friends to Dorchester from 12th – 16th September 2014

Christine commented the organised tours had cost £300, which was very good for a hundred people. The only tour that could not be negotiated was Poundbury.

Also did the committee want her to complain to the Wessex, as they did not provide the level of food quoted (Homemade). Committee decision was no as it was felt there would be no gain.

Although the first sitting had gone very well, the second became a little chaotic as the Wessex did not expand into their Restaurant which had been promised. Committee

Rosalind highlighted about the food at the Ceilidh and some of our French guests mis-understanding on the concept.

The Vice President commented that the croquet organised by Roger Lane was brilliant. The Chairman said he would pass on the comments to Roger.

                                                                                             ACTION: Anthony

7. Evening meetings and Christmas Party

Rosalind asked if Christine could check the best before dates on the biscuits given to us by the French and to bring them to the next meeting.               ACTION: Christine

Wendy to bring just the Tea and Coffee.                                  ACTION: Wendy

Wendy agreed to collect the Hall key for each evening.Also agreed to request 60 chairs to be made available.                                                                    ACTION: Wendy

Hilary cross checked numbers likely to attend the evening meetings, particularly the first meeting, as it is already well subscribed.

Christmas party menu, Hilary suggested a Christmas Dinner, Roy thought our usual Buffet worked well and was agreed on. Steve was asked to prepare the list of food for the next meeting.                                                                                    ACTION: Steve

Megan put forward, she has some ideas on entertainment and would forward to Anthony in a few days.                                                                                  ACTION: Megan

Anthony suggested we charge the same as last year £8 with a maximum of £3 return for members who provide food.Members to be informed at the next meeting.ACTION: Anthony

8. Membership

Changes to Website name being made now use www.dorchester-bayeux society.co.uk

Chris Copson had indicated an interest in joining the Society Christine to follow up.

                                                                                           ACTION: Christine

Hilary pointed out the telephone number is in error on the Membership list, ref.

Hodges and Humphries.                                                         ACTION: Christine

Rosalind said that due to a lack of younger members, we had to turn down a young family from Bayeux.

The chairman pointed out it is unlikely we would have younger family’s joining because our visits occur outside of school holidays.

9. Society Calendar

Hilary said she had sold 32 Calendars at the Ceilidh and had ordered another 50 at a reduced cost. Meaning we would need to sale 107 of the 150 produced to break even. 20 had been left at both the Museum and the Horse with the Red umbrella Cafe, to make payment direct.

Anthony agreed to mention the Calendars at the general meeting on the 9th October.                                                                                             ACTION: Anthony

10.Any other business


11. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 3rd December 2014, at 8, Garfield Avenue.


Anthony thanked Megan for her hospitality, and the meeting closed at 9.25pm

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