Minutes of the Meeting of the Dorchester – Bayeux Society Management Committee on Wednesday 20th August 2014

at 8 Garfield Avenue, Dorchester

Present: Maureen Berry [President],Roy Lowings [Vice–President], Anthony Thorpe [Chairman], Steve Clease [Vice Chairman], Vivienne Allan, Meg Cannon, Wendy Clease, Christine Gabbarelli, Nick Lugg [Treasurer], Marion Perriss [Secretary], Rosalind Thorpe, Hilary Watkins.

1. Apologies None

2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

The minutes were agreed and signed.

Item 6 Marion said that the trip to the American Museum had gone very well. Nick reported that it had shown a small loss of £30, but it had resulted in one new member and another time it could break even if it was not at half term week. Thanks were expressed to Marie-Chantal Lugg for organising it.

It was agreed that the Cream Teas had been much enjoyed. Thanks to hosts Rosalind and Anthony.

Item 7 Christine reported that our plaque for the County Museum was at the manufacturers, so should be on display for the group visit on 15th September.

3. Chairman’s report [see attached sheet]

Hilary said that there was an article about the French visit in the Echo today [20th August]. Anthony said that he had an interview set up with Wessex FM. He said that B.I.D. had found 15 shops that would be putting ‘Welcome’ signs in their windows. Christine explained that The Gallery at Poundbury were also giving a discount and a gift to all French customers.

In relation to the Basketball visit, Anthony said that at the British Cemetery each English student had been given the name of a soldier and were asked to find their grave and place a small cross and a poppy on it – a thought-provoking experience for them.

4. Treasurer’s report

Nick reported on the current financial position.

5. Secretary’s report

Marion had received information about the Dorset Twinning Association’s Quiz Night. It was agreed that she would send this to all members. There would be a limit of 2 teams of 6 and members would be selected on a ‘first come’ basis.

                                                                                              ACTION : Marion

6. Visit of the French   12th – 16th September 2014

Rosalind reported that after 3 changes, hosting arrangements were now in place.

Friday 12th September

Anthony had produced a telephone plan for alerting all hosts to the arrival of our visitors at Portsmouth. If on time, they should arrive at Sandringham Court just before 4pm.The Town Council reception will take place in the Town Hall at about 4.30pmACTION : Committee

Saturday 13th September

Hosts will make their own arrangements for the day. Anthony pointed out that it is Heritage weekend, and there are lots of events in Dorset. The Tourist Information Office has a leaflet about it. He has also forwarded an email from Roger Lane who has organised several activities for those who wish to partake.

Sunday 14th September

The day will be free until the Ceilidh at Herrison Hall at 7.20 pm. Rosalind asked people not to arrive before 7.20pm when there will be help with parking. She said that timing of the evening will be as follows :

               8pm Dancing;8.45pm Food; 9.30pm Dancing; 11pm Finish.

The exchange of gifts will take place at the beginning. After some discussion, it was agreed to buy a collection of foods from The Fridge in Dorchester, for our visitors, with a £100 limit. Hilary volunteered to do this.                                            ACTION: Hilary

It was agreed to reduce the charge for people attending the Ceilidh to £20 to encourage more to come. Rosalind will contact them.                                ACTION: Rosalind

Monday 15th September

Christine said that there had been good take–up for all visits. Mary Foskett, Jack de Carteret, Barbara Coleman, Marie-Chantal Lugg have agreed to produce pamphlets in French beforehand, for the various tours, to go in the Folders. Rosemary Gameson is only charging for expenses incurred for her Dorset Button demonstration. Payments will be given to Alistair Chisholm and Chris Copson on the day.                                          ACTION: Nick

Marion will produce a programme for the day for each host family.ACTION :Marion

Tuesday 16th September

Our visitors will leave Sandringham Court for Portsmouth at 8.30am

The sub-Committee were congratulated on all the work that they had done. The folders for visitors will be made up on Wednesday, 3rd September at 10am at Thornbury, West Knighton                                         ACTION: Anthony, Rosalind, Christine,Wendy, Marion

7. Programme for 2014 / 2015

Hilary said that all speakers had confirmed and about 20 members had booked for each event so far. Wendy agreed to collect the Hall key each evening. Nick will ask for one invoice from the DYA for the whole season to make it easier for him.              ACTION: Nick

8. Christmas Party

It was agreed to leave plans for this until the next meeting.

9. Membership

Christine reported that there had been a few new members and asked for some changes on the website, to make payment direct.                                       ACTION : Steve

10.Society Calendar

Hilary was congratulated on producing a lovely calendar with excellent photographs. 100 copies have been printed so far, at a cost of £6 each. It was agreed to charge members £8 each [ 10 euros for French visitors ]. They will be on sale at the Ceilidh, then at the first evening meeting on October 9th. Members can order them by email. 20 will be sold at The Horse with the Red Umbrella and at the County Museum. Some committee members put orders in at the meeting. It seemed very likely that more will need to be printed.                                                                                                ACTION : Hilary

11. Any other business

Anthony asked for some helpers if possible for handing out Society leaflets at the French Market in Dorchester at the coming weekend. Maureen thanked members of the Committee for all their work, ‘which is maintaining our friendship with the people of Bayeux’. Vivienne endorsed this, and spoke of all the work done in preparation for the visit of the French.

12. Date of next meeting

Thursday 2nd October 2014, at 8, Garfield Avenue.

Anthony thanked Megan for her hospitality, and the meeting closed at 9.25pm

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