The city of Bayeux lies within easy reach of the port of Cherbourg (57 miles) and is the capital of the Bessin District. It has many old picturesque buildings and a variety of interesting shops. It is famous, of course, as the home of the Bayeux Tapestry but there are other interesting museums to visit. 

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Lying in the old centre of Bayeux, the Notre-Dame cathedral dominates the city and is one of the finest in France. It has a mixture of Norman and Romanesque architecture and its crowning glory is the pair of 75 metre high towers.  The new dichroic glass windows can be seen reflecting the light in the photo.

Bayeux Tapestry Museum

This fascinating tapestry is  one of the largest pieces of needlework ever undertaken. It measures 70m by 49.5 cm (231 ft by 19.5 in) and depicts the story of the events which led up to the Norman conquest. It is displayed in an excellent manner and very well described.


 Baron Gerard Museum

The former Bishop's Palace, this contains many exhibits connected with the city. In particular, it shows the development of 150 years of Bayeux porcelain. In the nineteenth century, Bayeux was a leading centre for lace making and its history is charted. In addition, there are many fine paintings to be seen, notably Flemish and Italian Primitives and Impressionists.



1944 Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum

Normandy was, of course, the major assault area for Allied landings in June 1944 and the battle for the area is commemorated in this museum. There are over 100 life-size models, equipment and video documenting the events of that period.



The British Cemetery

Bayeux is the home of the cemetery where  British troops, who died helping to liberate  this area of France, are buried. The Society normally pays a tribute to these men y laying a wreath. Within a short driving distance are the American and German cemeteries.

Commercial, Sports and Social Life

Bayeux is a thriving city with many active sports and social groups that might benefit from twinning with similar ones in Dorchester. If you would like to contact a company, or group in Bayeux, with a view to mutual exchange, let us know and we will do what we can to help.


 Rue des Cuisiniers



The cathedral 


   Mill on River Aure

Bridge by Office de Tourisme

Photos by Anne Jones

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